Cleaning Tools

Cleaning, brushing and maintenance tools for electronics

Clean parts are vital to a functioning and healthy device. Whether it's a dust blower, an anti-static brush, or our iFixit Screen Saver—a set of maintenance, brushing, and precision cleaning tools are essential to any repair technician's tool bag.

Anti-Static Brush

ESD safe Anti-Static brushes for cleaning sensitive electronics.

From €2,95
Dust Blower

Remove dust, dirt, and grime in no time. Sustainable and durable. For repair professionals and home tinkerers.

From €5,95
Plastic Cards

Handy tool for opening devices, spreading thermal paste, and scraping. Same as Apple Tool Part# 922-7172

iFixit Adhesive Remover

Soften adhesive to make prying and separating electronics components easier.

From €9,95
Detailing Brush

Great for cleaning water damage, thermal paste, corrosion, solder prep, and more.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Two pack of microfiber cloths. Perfect for cleaning and polishing the screen of your device.

Arctic Silver ArctiClean

Two part cleaner dissolves old thermal paste on heat sinks and processors. One 30 ml bottle of thermal material remover and one 30 ml bottle of thermal surface purifier.

Probe and Pick Set

Picks for for soldering work, poking, prying, scraping, scratching and o-ring removal.

From €6,95
iFixit Screen Saver

220 milliliters of mild spray cleanser. Clean touch screens, LCD displays, or any surface of your phone, laptop computer, or other electronics. Remove fingerprints and dust from glasses or other lenses.

Soldering Tip Cleaning Ball Hakko 599B

The Hakko 599B Tip Cleaner Ball for soldering professionals

Cotton Swabs

100 cotton swabs on 6" birch sticks.

Detailing Eraser

A special German made eraser with built in brush. A light abrasive for all kinds of surfaces and contacts.