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T4 Torx Screwdriver

Use to take apart your electronics

From €6,95
P6 Pentalobe Screwdriver 2009 15" MacBook Pro Battery

Pentalobe driver compatible with five-pointed start style fasteners found on the battery of Mid 2009 MacBook Pro laptops removable with Apple specialty tool 922-9101.

Ersa i-CON PICO Soldering Station

Professional soldering with the Ersa i-Con Pico Soldering Station. Suitable also for beginners. 80W. 150-450°C.

ESD Pocket Protector

Our ESD Safe Pocket Protector is great for use in ESD safe environments, or just to protect your pocket!


Service your iPhone 5 or 5s without unplugging the display assembly.

Marlin Screwdriver Set - 5 Torx Precision Screwdrivers

Torx screws are common in consumer electronics. Get a matched set of precision security screwdrivers in a compact case.

Flathead 1.5 mm Screwdriver

Precision fixed blade screwdriver engineered by iFixit and manufactured in Germany.

T15 Torx Screwdriver

Common larger torx size. Found in HP and Compaq desktops among other devices.

Ceramic Adjustment Drivers

Ceramic screwdrivers for delicate tuning and adjustment

Inverse Ceramic Desoldering Tweezers

Inverse Ceramic Desoldering Tweezers custom made by The Art of Repair are the best non-heatsinking tweezers for use with desoldering braid.