Macbook Air

MacBook Air 13” (Late 2010 to 2017) Replacement Battery

An aftermarket replacement battery compatible with a MacBook Air 13" laptop.

From €89,95
MacBook Air 11" Replacement Battery

Replace a 5100 mAh battery compatible with the MacBook Air 11" Mid 2011 to Early 2015 A1370 and A1465 model laptop. 38.75 Watt Hours (Wh). 7.6 Volts (V). Battery model A1495.

From €79,95
OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD

Replace or upgrade the PCIe solid-state drive in a variety of Macs.

From €149,95
MacBook Air 11" (Late 2010) Replacement Battery

Replace the 4790 mAh battery compatible with MacBook Air 11" (2010). 35 Watt Hours (Wh), 7.3 Volts (V).

From €79,95
MacBook Pro Unibody Lower Case Screw and Foot Kit

Replace a missing or scuffed plastic foot or a missing screw securing the lower case of most Unibody model MacBook Pro laptops.

MacBook Air (Original/Late 2008/Mid 2009) Replacement Battery

Replace the 5560 mAh battery compatible with MacBook Air (Original-Mid 2009). 40 Watt Hours (Wh), 7.2 Volts (V).

From €64,95
MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2011) I/O Board

Replace an I/O board compatible with the Mid 2011 MacBook Air 13" laptop. Fix problems with charging, audio, and data connections. Includes the MagSafe power, USB, and audio port.

MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2011 to Early 2015) Fan

Replace a fan compatible with MacBook Air 11" A1370 Mid 2011 and A1465 Mid 2012 to Early 2015. Includes surrounding metal bracket. Part #922-9973, 923-0433, 923-00500.

MacBook Air 13" (Late 2018-Early 2020) Battery

Replace a 4379 mAh battery compatible with MacBook Air 13" (Late 2018-Early 2020). 49.9 Watt Hours (Wh), 11.4 Volts (V).