Organization Tools

Magnetic Project Mat

Keep your screws and components safely in place and organised on our dry-erase Magnetic Project Mat and jot down notes whenever necessary.

Anti-Static Project Tray

Anti-Static tray for sorting and organizing the parts, pieces, and tools for any project.

iMac Service Wedge

This custom fit wedge supports your iMac display during repairs.

Helping Hands

This "handy" apparatus holds your work with alligator clips while you do delicate work. Perfect for soldering, where a few extra hands are always welcome, but also great for holding recipes, working on PCBs, and much more. Includes magnifying glass.

Safety Glasses

Stylish eye protection.


Great for handling small objects, wires, clamping, and as a soldering heatsink.

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iScrews iPhone Screw Trays

Sorting trays to track your screws on at a device specific level.

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Fix It Yourself Field Notebook

An iFixit branded pocket-size notebook for your pocket-size notes and drawings.

Repair Hero Bundle

Handy all-rounder meets multifunctional work mat! Our practical and versatile Repair Hero bundle is the perfect introduction to the world of repair.