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PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit

Fix kit for PlayStation 3 (PS3) consoles with the "Yellow Light of Death" (YLoD) failure.

From €19,95
PlayStation 5 Fan

Replace a 23 blade cooling fan compatible with a PlayStation 5 game console. Fix issues like a failed, noisy, or inefficient fan.

From €59,95
PlayStation 4 ADP-240CR Power Supply

Stay cool!

PlayStation 4 ADP-240AR Power Supply

Stay cool!

PlayStation 4 Slim ADP-160FR Power Supply

Replace a burned out or malfunctioning model ADP-160FR power supply for a PlayStation 4 Slim console.

PlayStation 4 Slim Fan

Replace a fan compatible with PlayStation 4 Slim (CUH-20xx) game consoles. Fix overheating issues.

PlayStation 4 Slim Optical Drive

Replace a broken or malfunctioning optical drive compatible with the Sony PlayStation 4 Slim. Fix read errors with this replacement part. Condition: Used. Cables included.

PlayStation 4 Pro Fan

This aftermarket replacement fan is compatible with CUH-7xxx model PlayStation 4 Pro game consoles. Fix overheating issues.

PlayStation DualSense Controller Joystick

Replace one controller joystick compatible with a PlayStation DualSense controller. Fix issues like drifting or an unresponsive joystick.

PlayStation DualSense Controller Joystick Cover

Replace a broken or worn out joystick cover for your PlayStation DualSense Controller with this part. This part is the plastic cover knob that fits over the joystick mechanism.

PlayStation 4 Pro Optical Drive

Replace a broken or damaged PlayStation 4 Pro Optical Drive.

PlayStation 4 (CUH-12XXA) Fan

Replace a cooling fan compatible with the CUH-12xxA model PlayStation 4 console. Model #G85B12MS1BN-56J14.