Prying & Opening

Probe and Pick Set

Picks for for soldering work, poking, prying, scraping, scratching and o-ring removal.

From €6,95
Heat Gun

Loosen adhesive or reflow solder with this 1500W heat gun. Low setting reaches 570/300 °F/°C. High setting reaches 1112/600 °F/°C. Perfect for loosening adhesive on iPads or other tablets. Perfect for reflowing an Xbox Red Ring of Death (RROD).

Metal Spudger Set

Pry, scrape, probe, and poke like a pro. The four metal spudgers in the flexible plastic tool roll have seven blades between them, one tool for every repair situation.

Halberd Spudger

Hook and Slice your way to repair victory.

Battery Isolation Pick

The battery blocker allows the battery in many devices to be disconnected without removing the logic board.

Heavy Duty Spudger

Thicker and tougher than a standard spudger. Use this antistatic tool for working on electronic devices and DIY electronic repair.

Metal Spudger

Dual tipped metal spudger for more powerful prying, scraping, probing, and poking action. Perfect tool for opening an iPod or iPhone.

Spudger Retail 3 Pack

Safely poke and pry with this tough, heat resistant, and antistatic tool for electronic repair. 5” nylon tool essential for smartphone or tablet disassembly.

iFlex Opening Tool

Springy steel blade features a smart tip design and a handle with a great no-slip grip. Effortlessly pops open iPod, iPad, iPhone and many other tablets, smartphones, and devices.

1.5" Thin Putty Knife

Use to open your Mac mini or iPod Classic

Xbox 360 Opening Tool

Used to open the plastic outer casing of the Xbox 360. Includes Security T8 and Security T10 combination key.

Dotterpod iHold

Service your iPhone 5 or 5s without unplugging the display assembly.