Series 2

Apple Watch (38 mm) Adhesive Strip

Replace an adhesive strip compatible with the 38 mm case Apple Watch Original model and Series 1 and 2 models.

Apple Watch (38 mm, Series 2) Replacement Battery

Replacement battery for the 38 mm Series 2 Apple Watch models A1757 and A1816. 3.77 Volts (V). Battery model A1760.

From €16,95
Apple Watch (38 mm Series 2 & Series 3 Cellular) Force Touch Sensor Adhesive Gasket

Replace the force touch sensor and adhesive that fits between the display and rear case of specific models of the Apple Watch. Fits 38mm Series 2 and Series 3 Cellular models. Model numbers A1757, A1816, A1860, A1889, and A1890.

Apple Watch (38 mm, Series 2 & Series 3) Display Connectors Sticker Set

Replace a torn or missing black sticker on the back of the display of a Series 2 or Series 3 38mm model Apple Watch with this set of two stickers. One sticker bridges the three EMI shields. The other sticker bridges the three cables from the logic board and their three ZIF connectors on the back of the display.

Apple Watch (38 mm Series 2) Screen

Replace a screen compatible with Apple Watch 38 mm Series 2 Models A1757 and A1816 smartwatches. Includes all of the small parts preinstalled in the assembly. OLED Display and Front Glass Touch Sensitive Digitizer.

From €169,95