Soldering & Wiring Tools

Soldering and wiring tools for electronics repair

Choose from iFixit's favourite snips and shears for cutting, trimming, and stripping wires and soldering stations, safety gear, cleaners, tweezers, and other accessories for soldering repair jobs.

Soldering Splint

Solder smarter with iFixit's compact and durable Soldering Splint.


A tougher take on a favorite multitool. Safely poke and pry with this tough, firm, and antistatic tool for electronic repair. 5” carbon fiber tool essential for smartphone or tablet disassembly.

From €2,95
Precision Tweezers Set

Contains three slim tweezers for precise and delicate tasks. Ergonomically shaped and ESD-safe. Includes a sturdy storage pouch. For electronics and other tasks where keeping a good grip is important.

Helping Hands

This "handy" apparatus holds your work with alligator clips while you do delicate work. Perfect for soldering, where a few extra hands are always welcome, but also great for holding recipes, working on PCBs, and much more. Includes magnifying glass.

Anti-Static Wrist Strap

Help protect your electronics from accidental electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage during repairs. Ground yourself while working.

Desoldering Pump

Makes desoldering faster, easier, and safer than using desoldering braid. Draws away molten solder with the push of a button.

Probe and Pick Set

Picks for for soldering work, poking, prying, scraping, scratching and o-ring removal.

From €6,95
Flush Cutter C.H.P. CHP-170

The C.H.P. CHP-170 Flush Cutter for soldering professionals

Polyimide Tape

108 foot rolls of Polyimide tape. Perfect match with OEM Apple Part# 922-1731 tape. Half-inch (.5") width.

Halberd Spudger

Hook and Slice your way to repair victory.

Soldering Station

Use to solder items.

Heat Gun

Loosen adhesive or reflow solder with this 1800W heat gun. Low setting reaches 570/300 °F/°C. High setting reaches 1022/550