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Apple Watch (38 mm Series 3) Adhesive Strip

Replacement adhesive strip for the 38 mm case Series 3 Apple Watch.
Product code: EU374020

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Once you're in and out of the Apple Watch and it's time to seal everything back up, use this adhesive strip to ensure a tight seal between the case and the display.

This replacement adhesive strip fits the 38 mm case Series 3 Apple Watch.


  • One Adhesive Strip

NOTE Due to continuing improvements, actual product may differ slightly from photo.


iFixit makes no claims to the continued splash-resistance of the Apple Watch after applying this adhesive strip. It's probably going to be just fine, but we can't confirm that the Apple Watch will maintain its IPX7 waterproof rating after being repaired.


  • Apple Watch 38 mm Series 3
  • Models A1858, A1860, A1889, and A1890


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