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iPad 3rd/4th Gen Front Panel

Fix the 3rd or 4th Gen iPad front glass panel
Product code: EU116000

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Fix the 3rd or 4th Gen iPad front glass panel

  • Replacement part for any shattered iPad 3rd or 4th Gen Front Panel.
  • We also sell a 3rd Gen front panel assembly or a 4th Gen front panel assembly which have the adhesive strips and home button assembly already installed. It's a much easier repair.
  • When performing the repair, sometimes you may damage the bezel and/or Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antenna. You may want to buy those parts just in case and if you don't end up using either of them, you can return them.
  • For a complete set of tools to do the repair check out the iOpener


  • iPad 3rd Gen A1416, A1430, and A1403
  • iPad 4th Gen A1458, A1459, and A1460


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