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iPhone 4 Transparent Rear Panel

Now you can have the coolest iPhone on the block!
Product code: EU182021

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Show off what's going on inside your iPhone!

Apple designs amazing products—inside and out. The internals of the iPhone are absolutely gorgeous, but Apple keeps them covered up! Now you can have the coolest iPhone on the block! The glass panel looks absolutely gorgeous, and we can't wait to see them on iPhones everywhere.

With the purchase of a Fix Kit you get:

iPhone 4 Transparent Panel (GSM)

  • Our new and improved design is stronger and better than ever!

iPhone 4/4S Liberation Kit

  • Includes Phillips screws to replace your pentalobe screws, Phillips screwdriver and pentalobe screwdriver.

iFixit iPhone 4/4S Epic Screen Protector

  • iFixit's Epic Screen Protector features one-of-a-kind bubble absorption technology allowing for easy application, three-tiered layer composition (anti-scratch, UV filter, and electrostatic adhesion), and lifetime warranty protection so your phone will always be protected. Includes one front protector and one rear protector.

This replacement rear panel is complete with all the necessary parts including camera lens, flash diffuser and bezel.

For installation, you'll need either a Phillips #000 or Pentalobe P2 screwdriver. If you're not sure which screws your phone has, both screwdrivers are included in our popular Liberation Kit. The Fix Kit includes the Liberation kit.

This part only fits the iPhone 4 (GSM). We have the equivalent product available for the iPhone 4S.


We offer you the lifetime iFixit warranty on many products. All information on our warranty conditions can be found here.