Classic Pro Tech Toolkit

70 tools help you dish out sweet repair justice.
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70 tools help you dish out sweet repair justice.

  • The industry standard for computer repair technicians and businesses.
  • Tools selected based on data from our thousands of free repair guides.
  • Will tear down all mainstream laptops, cellphones, and flux capacitors.

Kit Contents:

  • 54 Bit Driver Kit - all the bits needed for repairs on small electronics
  • 2x Plastic Opening Tools - soft plastic prying tools
  • Precision Tweezers Set - assortment of steel precision tweezers
  • Tech knife - the knife our techs use at their desks
  • Anti-Static Wrist Strap - protection for circuits against static electricity
  • Small Suction Cup - suction cup for holding onto things lacking handles
  • Spudger - handy tool for poking, prying, flipping, and opening
  • Metal Spudger Set - assortment of metal poking and prying tools
  • iFixit 6 Inch Metal Ruler - steel ruler for easily measuring parts
  • iFixit Pro Tech Tool Roll - nylon roll designed to hold the Pro Tech Toolkit