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Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Kit

Server-size your Mac Mini for less.
Product code: EU171005

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Your Mac Mini supports two hard drives—make the upgrade with this kit. No need to pay the Apple premium for an expensive Mac Mini server when you can do it yourself and save.

Server-size your Mac Mini for less with the iFixit kit that includes all the tools and hardware you need to install a second drive in your Mac Mini. Select the Complete Kit if you need all the tools, or select the No Tools option if you already have the required spudger, T6, and T8 screwdrivers.

Kit Contents:

  • SATA Hard Drive Cable - connect your new drive to the logic board
  • Mounting Grommets - soft rubber grommets protect and dampen vibrations from your new hard drive
  • Mounting Screws - four set screws to safely secure your new drive
  • Logic Board Removal Tool - specialized for the Mini's unique logic board
  • Spudger - ESD safe tool for disconnecting cables, poking, and prying
  • Bit Driver
  • 4 mm Precision Screwdriver Bits:
    • Torx T8
    • Torx T6


  • 2.3, 2.5, or 2.7 GHz 2011 Mac Minis (Model A1347)
  • 2.3, 2.5, or 2.6 GHz 2012 Mac Minis (Model A1347)


Apple Part #: 922-9560, 076-1391


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