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Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

Extent of Guarantee

iFixit GmbH, Tränkestr. 7, 70597 Stuttgart („ifixit“) grants a lifetime guarantee on its spare parts for smartphones, tablets and Mac computers (smartphones, tablets, and Mac computers together referred to as "device"), excluding (rechargeable) batteries. "Lifetime" refers to the lifetime of the device, in which the spare parts of ifixit is built into.

This guarantee only applies to customers residing in the European Union, who have bought the spare part for their own device either directly at ifixit itself or at a commercial reseller of ifixit products. The claims of the customer under this guarantee are not transferable to third parties.

ifixit guarantees for the duration of this guarantee that its spare parts are free of defects. Not covered by the guarantee are damages due to improper use of spare parts of ifixit, in particular damage caused by installation errors, water damage, undue force or damage to the parts due to jailbreak of the device or other software defects of the device, or damage due to use with non-compatible devices and damages of parts due to defective hardware of third parties, f.e. overvoltage damage caused by defective power adaptors from third parties. Also not covered by the guarantee are damages to the device itself due to a defect of the spare part of ifixit.

In a guarantee case the customer is at our discretion entitled to a repair or replacement of the respective spare part. If the replacement of the spare part is no longer possible, because the spare part is no longer in stock, we can at our discretion either repair the spare parts or refund 50% of the purchase price to the customer.

In addition to this guarantee, the customer is entitled to statutory warranty claims that are unaffected by this guarantee.

Should ifixit definitively go out-of-business this guarantee and any claims under it, will be omitted.

Guarantee claims

In order to perceive the claims under this guarantee, the customer must inform us of the guarantee claim, if possible by naming and describing the defect / damage of the spare part in question, under or by mail to ifixit GmbH, Tränkestrasse 7, 70597 Stuttgart, Germany.

Upon our request, the customer has to send us the spare parts in question together with a copy of the invoice regarding the respective spare part. The mail address is ifixit GmbH, Tränkestrasse 7, 70597 Stuttgart, Germany.

The customer must ensure that when sending the spare part in question to ifixit, the spare parts are duly packed to avoid transport damage. In a guarantee case we will reimburse the customer the shipping costs against appropriate proof (f.e. receipt).