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iFixit Pro is a community of repair professionals. Engage in community discussion, find quality parts & certify against an industry recognized standard of excellence.

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Pro Purchasing Terms at iFixit Europe

This section describes what we're offering iFixit Pro customers at our EU Store.**

Transparent Pricing

After you have been approved as a Pro Wholesale member, you can login to your account and your Pro price will be displayed on Pro-eligible parts.

Discounts may range from 10% to 60% off.

Lifetime Warranty

Another way you know you are part of a high quality supply chain is our extensive warranty coverage plan. As a Pro Wholesale member, you get the trusted iFixit Lifetime Warranty on all replacement parts (Excluding consumables, like batteries: those come with the statutory warranty).

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Focused on Quality

After 10+ years of being the go-to source for Apple repair guides, we have positioned ourselves as an industry leader. When it comes to the parts we source and sell, we only deal with those who can meet our standards. We have years of experience working directly with our suppliers to ensure consistency.

Speaking of suppliers, we have the highest quality standards in the industry. All quality-critical parts are hand tested by iFixit personnel. For example, every iPhone battery we sell has been individually tested to verify its capacity and health.

We deal with problems at the source so you don't have to. Our parts are some of the best you can buy—at any volume.

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Hassle Free Policies

For Pro Wholesale members, you can return anything you’ve purchased within 14 days of receipt of your order. We won't charge a restocking fee as long as the product is unopened and undamaged.

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** iFixit Pro is for repair shops. Resale only through your repair shop and domains belonging to your company. Resales on Amazon, eBay or other online channels are not allowed.