HP ME03XL Laptop Battery

HP ME03XL Laptop Battery

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This HP ME03XL replacement battery fix kit is what you need to bring your dead laptop back to life!

  • 0-Cycle - Each cell is brand new and has never been used.
  • Rigorous Testing - Every single battery cell is tested to ensure it meets our specification.
  • No Shady Business - We don’t modify the battery’s capacity or cycle count information to make it look better than it actually is.

Battery degradation is an inevitable part of your HP laptop's lifespan — extend it with this new replacement battery compatible with the HP ME03XL. If your laptop's won’t turn on, won’t hold a charge, or you simply experience poor battery life, this replacement battery may be what you need to fix it.

Part Assembly Includes


  • Replacement HP ME03XL Laptop Battery
  • Essential Electronics Toolkit Includes:
    • 4 mm Bit Driver
    • Angled Precision Tweezers
    • Spudger
    • Jimmy
    • iFixit Opening Tool
    • iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6)
    • Suction Handle
    • Easy-to-Open Magnetized Case
    • Lid with Built-in Sorting Tray
    • Sixteen 4 mm Precision Screwdriver Bits
      • Phillips - 000, 00, 0, 1
      • Pentalobe - P2, P5
      • Flathead - 1, 2.5, 4 mm
      • Torx - T4, T5
      • Torx Security - TR6, TR8, TR10
      • Tri-Point - Y000
      • SIM Eject Bit

Our Fix Kit includes everything you need to do the repair and beyond! You’re getting our most economical do-everything toolkit that can be reused for countless other things!


  • Stream 11-D003NE
  • Stream 11-D009NA
  • Stream 13-C005NS
  • Stream 13-C019TU
  • Stream 13-C020NA
  • Stream 13-C021TU
  • Stream 13-C022TU
  • Stream 13-C041TU
  • Stream 13-C044TU
  • Stream 13-C100NL
  • Stream 13-C100NS
  • Stream 13-C100NV


Watt Hours36 Wh
Voltage11.4 V
Milliamp Hours3200 mAh


We offer you the lifetime iFixit warranty on many products. All information on our warranty conditions can be found here.

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNING

This product can expose you to chemicals including [prop_65_chemicals] which are known to the State of California to cause [prop_65_warning_type].

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