Samsung VCR 89-Series Vacuum Cleaner Battery

Samsung VCR 89-Series Vacuum Cleaner Battery

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  • Samsung VCR 8980L3K XEG
  • Samsung VCR 8950L3B XEE
  • Samsung VCR 8950L3B XEO
  • Samsung VCR 8950L3B XET
  • Samsung VCR 8950L3B XSP
  • Samsung VCR 8950L4B XSA
  • Samsung VR 10F71UCB CET
  • Samsung VCR 8930L3G XEO
  • Samsung VCR 8939L3S XEF
  • Samsung VCR 8930L3S XEG
  • Samsung VCR 8980L3K XET
  • Samsung VR 10F71UCB CEG
  • Samsung VC R8981L3B XEG
  • Samsung VCR 8950L3B XEG
  • Samsung VR 10F71UCB CEV
  • Samsung VR 10F71UCB CSB
  • Samsung VCR 8950L3B XEF
  • Samsung VCR 8980L3K XEF
  • Samsung VCR 8988L3K SWS
  • Samsung VCR 8980L3K XEO
  • Samsung VCR 8950L3B XEO
  • Samsung VCR 8987L3R SWS
  • Samsung VCR 8940L3R XET
  • Samsung VR 10F71UCB CEF
  • Samsung VR 10F71UCC NEF
  • Samsung VR 10F71UCB NET
  • Samsung VC R8930L3G XEO
  • Samsung VC R8930L3R XET


Part NumberR337916
Watt Hours28.80 Wh
Voltage14.4 V
Milliamp Hours2000 mAh
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNING

This product can expose you to chemicals including [prop_65_chemicals] which are known to the State of California to cause [prop_65_warning_type].

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