ESD Safe

Protect your electronics with anti-static and ESD safe tools

Tools such as the iFixit anti-static mat, anti-static brush, and anti-static wrist strap are designed to prevent electrostatic discharge by dissipating or equalizing unequal charges before they can flow through and damage delicate electronics.

Anti-Static Wrist Strap

Help protect your electronics from accidental electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage during repairs. Ground yourself while working.

Portable Anti-Static Mat

Electrostatic discharge can destroy your electronics. To be on the ESD-safe side, we always have our portable anti-static mat on hand.

Anti-Static Mat

Ground yourself and your work surface to prevent damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Various sizes available to fit any work station. Be ESD-safe!

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ESD Gloves

Our ESD gloves are non-static generating and dissipative.

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ESD Pocket Protector

Our ESD Safe Pocket Protector is great for use in ESD safe environments, or just to protect your pocket!

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Uvex ESD Gloves