iFixit in Europe

Repair is noble. We help you fix things on your own.

iFixit has arrived in Europe. In order to be closer to our customers in Germany and other EU countries and to enable them to purchase at attractive prices, we launched the sale of iFixit products in Europe in 2013. Not only can delivery times and shipping costs be minimized, but also the ecological footprint created during shipping.

Based in Stuttgart, the Swabian metropolis of tinkerers and inventors, we're currently shipping to 30 European countries. We alre also involved with European projects for waste prevention, cooperate with Repair Cafés and are in constant touch with the European Maker scene.

From Stuttgart, we coordinate the translation of the ifixit platform into all European languages and help our community with all questions. Besides the creation of European content, we are also involved in the production of tools "Made in Germany".

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