Soldering & Wiring

Soldering and wiring tools for electronics repair

Choose from iFixit's favourite snips and shears for cutting, trimming, and stripping wires and soldering stations, safety gear, cleaners, tweezers, and other accessories for soldering repair jobs.

Helping Hands

This "handy" apparatus holds your work with alligator clips while you do delicate work. Perfect for soldering, where a few extra hands are always welcome, but also great for holding recipes, working on PCBs, and much more. Includes magnifying glass.

Desoldering Pump

Makes desoldering faster, easier, and safer than using desoldering braid. Draws away molten solder with the push of a button.

Digital Multimeter

Versatile multimeter with all the right functions for basic electronics troubleshooting.

Stannol Solder HS10FAIR

Fair trade and eco-friendly solder from Stannol.

From €4,95
Soldering Station

Use to solder items.

Soldering Tip Cleaning Ball Hakko 599B

The Hakko 599B Tip Cleaner Ball for soldering professionals

Safety Glasses

Stylish eye protection.


Great for handling small objects, wires, clamping, and as a soldering heatsink.

From €4,95
Micro Connector Crimper

Pliers for crimping tiny JST, Tyco, and Molex connectors.

Ersa i-Con Pico Soldering Station

Professional soldering with the Ersa i-Con Pico Soldering Station. Suitable also for beginners. 80W. 150-450°C.